Friday, April 1, 2016

How do you Rejuvenate your Writing Soul?

By facing the problem and moving forward.

This fall, I had to confront this type of problem when a health issue had plagued me for more than a year. I was miserable. I tried to deny its existence. However, when  I no longer could take it anymore, I gathered up my nerve and went to see my primary doctor who prescribed a medicine. I took it for almost a week, but after the pill gave me every kind of side effect mentioned on its side-effects sheet, such as dizziness and foggy vision. I called the office and they referred me to a specialist.

I eventually ended up seeing a woman doctor. One remedy she tried did not work for me thus that left surgery.

“Surgery,” the word hung on my lips. I had never had an operation. My hospital experience included four stays to give birth to my four sons. 

So fear struck me and I sought other avenues, which included a visit to a chiropractor. He was a nice man and tired his best, but my problem had deteriorated to such a point that this did not work.

A friend urged me to get a second opinion. I took her advice. The smiley doctor came in and examined me. His recommendation was the same as the first doctor's. However, this visit was very important since he relayed information about my long-term prospects. This frightened me and I returned home, calling the first doctor’s office to schedule the procedure.

February first was the day of my reckoning. We also face those days in our writing. What should I write and will this story sell? Is there enough emotion to make this novel moving and compelling? And, in nonfiction, have I made this information interesting?

As with my decision to do surgery, we also must confront our problems and see how  to move forward with our desires. In order to fulfill these, we seek recommendations from those in the field as well as our readers. This also means enlisting fresh ideas, rewriting and fine tuning our work. We do this because we know we are in control of our fate so we edge forward with our next great idea.

Where we will end up we do not know. However, if we do not take the plunge we will not know the outcomes just as with my surgery, I moved forward and can say I am no longer in misery. I again can enjoy life. Praise God!

So proceed forward. What do you have to lose? Nothing. This is your road of opportunity thus do not squander it. You never know what lies ahead. That alone should keep you moving onward. God bless.


  1. Yes, oh yes. Indeed. Amen. I'm glad you are on the mend and sought the answers you needed. ~ I haven't faced the word surgery in my own life, but words like "moving" and "cancer" (to two family members) rendered me frozen with fear. My creative juices to write seemed enabled. Nevertheless, like you, I pressed on, I fought back. My words didn't always make much sense but sometimes writers write for the sake of writing... working our muscles. Once the storms of moving and cancer passed and the healing began, God spoke again to me with words to write. ~ God's blessing, my friend, blessings beyond measure.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Janet. Yes. We need to keep moving forward. Sometimes we move in leaps and strides. Other times in baby steps. God help us in times when momentum slides in reverse. But, if we continue to progress and set goals, we will eventually reach the destination.