Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love is in the Air Giveaway

On Aug. 1 decades ago, a mother cradles an infant in her arms, the father smiles down at his newly-born daughter. Her foot is wrapped in bandages since it got twisted during labor.
Time marches on and with that the child grows up and stands beside her betrothed. They exchange their marriage vows on Aug. 2, 1980.
In honor of these two loving events - my birth and wedding anniversary - I am giving away two copies of my recently-released, inspiring-historical romance, Lockets and Lanterns. . .

As Edith marches down the aisle to marry the man of her  dreams, she doesn’t know he is hiding a secret. Eighteen years later her husband, Red, must confront his past and reveal a deep family secret before it’s too late.
Edith needs answers about her husband’s past, but will he put his children and career in danger to keep his secret? As tragedy occurs and the couple drifts apart, they must find their love for one another again before they lose each other. Lockets and Lanterns, a gripping tale of love, loss, and forgiveness, takes readers back to the 1900s when life was simpler, but sustaining love was just as difficult.
*This book is a clean Christian romance.
And a winner could receive an autographed copy of Ruth Ann Nordin’s books, Eye of the Beholder OR Shotgun Groom


Mary Peters despairs that she will never get married.  At nineteen, she has no prospects of finding a husband, so she takes matters into her own hands and becomes a mail-order bride.  When she arrives in Omaha, Nebraska, to meet the man she's due to marry, he takes one look at her homely appearance and rejects her.
But fate has other plans for Mary.  Dave Larson happens to be nearby and thinks she will make a good wife.  Though she is stunned that someone as handsome and as kind as Dave would ask her to marry him, she accepts.  She knows that this marriage will not bear the fruits of love.  Love, after all, is for beautiful women.  Isn't it?
Warning: This is rated R due to sexual situations after marriage.

April Edwards, a young widow, is content to manage a farm with her fourteen-year-old brother and a one-year-old daughter. Nothing, after all, could be worse than being married to her deceased husband. Nothing, that is, until her unscrupulous brother-in-law decides to marry her. With no other recourse, April and her brother concoct a plan--one that involves the unsuspecting doctor’s assistant, Joel Larson.
Joel Larson doesn't want to be married. In fact, he’s perfectly happy with things the way they are, but when he’s sent to check on April’s sick child, things take an unexpected turn for the worse. In one instant, he finds a gun and a mandate to marry April staring him in the face. Can a marriage that begins with a shotgun be just the thing Joel needs or has April just confined herself to another miserable marriage?
Warning: This book is rated R due to sexual situations after marriage between the hero and heroine.  Prior to marriage, there is an attempted rape by the villain.  (The rape is prevented.)  There is also reference to past violent situations to the heroine's brother by the heroine's deceased husband.
How to enter:
It is easy. You NEED TO FOLLOW ME on my BLOGSPOT blog: http://janetsinnerramblings.blogspot.com. In the comment section, state your first and last name and that you are following my blog.
There will be TWO WINNERS:
One winner will receive a signed copy of Lockets and Lanterns by Janet Syas Nitsick and a signed copy of Eye of the Beholder by Ruth Ann Nordin.
Another winner will receive a signed copy of Lockets and Lanterns by Janet Syas Nitsick and a signed copy of Shotgun Groom by Ruth Ann Nordin.
When the two winners will be announced:
I will announce the TWO WINNERS on my AUG. 7 blog post at  http://janetsinnerramblings.blogspot.com/.  Ruth Ann Nordin will also announce the winners on her blog on August 7 at http://ruthannnordinauthorblog.wordpress.com/.
At that time, the two winners will be instructed to visit www.JanetSyasNitsick.com to leave their email and snail-mail addresses. God bless and good luck.
Please note:
*If a winner does not contact me within seven days of my Aug. 7 post, I will select another winner on Aug. 15 and post their name in that day’s blog post.


  1. Hi Janet I love Historical Romance books! I'm in the process of editing my 1st Historical Romance:) I followed both of your blogs and would love to be entered for a chance to win yours and Ruth's books:) BTW my name is Lorna Faith :-)

  2. I follow both of your blogs. Your book sounds great and I like Ruth's books to Thanks for the chance to win.
    Crystal Young