Friday, January 27, 2012

Social Media-Perplexing

Social media what a perplexing place.

When everything works like a machine, it gives you a place for people to get to know you and to promote your wares. But when the well-oiled machine gets a kink in its armor, what do you do?

There are no quick answers.

Get a cup of coffee. Call a friend and see if they can work you through it. But if that does not work, you have to investigate it yourself and this does not always work well.

The other day I got an instant message. I thought I had signed out of this type of email-message system so I did what I did before to not participate in it.

However, this also said I no longer was in a certain Facebook program. I checked the system out and it seemed to work fine, but then again there were some changes in the way the program appeared. Although I seldom use this communicating system, you still want it to work when necessary.

Then a couple of days later I got the answer. Facebook changed the way the program operates. I would sure like to know why they keep changing their system.

Anyway, all I know is busy people do not need to spend time readjusting what they thought was perfected.

This experience reminded me of what happened last summer when I got locked out of Facebook. I used a different devise to log into it, thus Facebook would not let me onto my page. This was exasperating since I had used this same device before and did not have this problem.

In order to gain access, Facebook required me to look through a series of friends’ photos. Have you ever tried to identify past pictures of friends? Honesty, I did not know them when they were two, twenty, etc. I failed the test and tried three times with the same result - one failure was because I took too long.

I was about to scream and sipping a cup of coffee did not help this time then a dear friend found some links which enabled me to change my password, and I was back on it like I never left. Here they are Help Center Home Login Bugs

Try these links but whatever you do change your password. Once you do that, you will get back into Facebook.

Well, my coffee sits beside my desk. I am ready to take a sip, watch what pops up next and hope to work through this perplexing networking system. God bless.


  1. Janet,
    It's no wonder FB drives me nuts. And they're changing it again. Sigh. Seems like I'm always a step behind.

    I'll join you, but will sip cocoa instead. :)

  2. LOL...that's all we really can do...LOL I shouted a few "Amens" as I read your piece. I realize change is necessary, but I just wish they'd give us warning, instructions, and options. I'm glad you found the fixes to the problems. Coffee cheers to you.

  3. And then there's Goodreads. I find that one a boon because it's actually readers, not just other writers. I can hold drawings there and they take care of it for me. I treat all the linkedin invitations as spam. Not going there.